Population of Churchill County: 25,628

Within the open expanses of northern Nevada lies Churchill County, a rural community which offers residents and visitors true western experiences including excellent outdoor recreation access for fishing, hunting, camping, boating and world-renown wildlife viewing. Just an hour’s drive offers access to the hub of state government in Carson City as well as the business and recreational opportunities in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area.

Churchill County has benefited from a stable economy due in large part to key community assets including the mainstay agricultural industry, a unique renewable energy production industry and the military/government stimulus that is Naval Air Station Fallon. Thanks to its renewable green energy resources, the county is a net exporter of green energy.

Other community assets include Western Nevada College, athletic and recreational programs for youth, and a wide variety of facilities such as the new William N. Pennington Life Center, remodeled library, indoor swimming pool, regional museum, sports complex and fairgrounds.

Fallon is the county’s sole incorporated city with 9,125 residents.


Photo courtesy of TravelNevada.