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FALLON, Nev. — The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems confirmed the suitability of the Fallon Municipal Airport for Unmanned Autonomous Systems testing, certification and experimentation during an April 10 visit to the City-owned airport.

Lt. Col. Warren Rapp, the state institute’s Northern Nevada UAS range and airspace coordinator, conducted the visit. Rapp recently retired from the Nevada Air National Guard, and is very familiar with all aspects of Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS), having commanded a UAS unit while serving at Creech Air Force Base in southern Nevada.

In meeting with City of Fallon staff and economic development personnel, Rapp was impressed with the available facilities and the potential for UAS operations in and around the Fallon Municipal Airport.

“Fallon Municipal Airport appears to have everything needed to support UAS operations, and my office looks forward to working with Fallon along with our other test sites as this program moves forward” said Rapp.

Rapp’s new office is located at Reno-Stead Airport, and his mission is to facilitate the development of UAS operations utilizing the test sites available in Northern Nevada.  Nevada has already taken the lead on UAS research and development applications, and the creation of Rapp’s new office in Northern Nevada is further evidence of the state’s commitment to stay at the forefront of the UAS industry.

The Fallon Municipal Airport has a newly rebuilt 5,703-foot runway and full on-site airport services. Ample commercial and industrial real estate is available for lease or ownership both alongside the airport and at the City’s nearby New River Business Park. The area around the City of Fallon also offers an ideal climate, geography and business environment for UAS operations and testing.

“Fallon continues to ensure that its airport operations, business park offerings and UAS support services make the City a very competitive location for businesses to build, test and certify UAS systems,” said City of Fallon Mayor Ken Tedford.

For more information about potential UAS operations at Fallon, please contact Jim Souba, Fallon Airport Manager, at 775-423-9863.

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