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Green Energy Nevada, LLC. Announces Large Scale Production Facility in Hawthorne, NV

Hawthorne, Nev., March 28, 2014

Hawthorne, Nevada known as America’s Patriotic Home has a great new company to help diversify the economy of this small town in Western Nevada. ” The company brings to our community badly needed new jobs, a new industry for Nevada and an economic boost not only to Hawthorne, but all of Nevada,” said Shelley Hartmann, Executive Director of Mineral County Economic Development Authority a partner in Highway 95 RDA.

America’s Patriotic Home will soon be home to the first large scale pasture raised organic egg and meat production facility in Nevada. The pasture raised organic egg and meat industry will, within a short period of time, will be a leading segment of the $50 billion organic product industry.

Green Energy Nevada, LLC., an innovative company with proprietary processes for green energy, environmental, and ecological solutions has received final approval from the Mineral County Board of County Commissioners and the Planning Commission to move forward with producing pasture raised organic products in Hawthorne, NV within three months.

A large scale pasture raised, organic poultry operation is timely. Studies released by the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and from focus groups with consumers and distributors defined opportunities for the pasture raised organic poultry markets in Nevada. Green Energy Nevada, LLC is focused on becoming the exclusive supplier of Nevada Grown pasture raised organic poultry products. “We believe by developing a reliable supply chain filled with healthier products and most likely at lower prices as well as proximity and business structure in Nevada. Such an alliance will be a tremendous boost to Nevada’s economy.” said Arvind Nair, Chief Operations Officer, Green Energy Nevada, LLC.

The company is projecting an initial investment of $20,000,000.00 into the Hawthorne community and will create 500 to 1,000 jobs in 2014. “Veterans, disabled workers, under-employed and unemployed area residents will be our initial hiring focus” said Nair. As a relatively new industry to the area, Green Energy Nevada has developed an employee training curriculum to meet or surpass USDA rules and certifying agencies criteria for this type of operation. Although, the company will provide the mandatory training at no cost, they realize a five weeks training program could cause economic hardship to the applicants. Currently the company is seeking assistance or available grants through State and or Federal programs to offset economic hardship for the applicants.

“We are pleased and excited to announce this agreement with Mineral County and the City of Hawthorne” said Domenick Fugarino, Chief Executive Officer. “Green Energy Nevada, would like to thank all of the individuals who helped us bring this idea to fruition including Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, who heard about our company during a parade honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Ms. Bonnie Lind and Mr. Todd Valline of GOED and Mrs. Shelley Hartmann and Mr. Bob Shriver of the Highway 95 Regional Development Authority who worked diligently to ensure our company will remain in the State of Nevada and locate in the Hawthorne area. We would like to extend a special thank-you to all the elected officials and their staff of Mineral County, the members of the Mineral County School District and faculty, and the residents and business leaders of Hawthorne. Once again the company stated, “thank you all very much for the warm welcome and support. From the associates of our company, and a collective “Yes Ma’am” to Commissioner Tipton’s order of “Get To Work”.

Green Energy Nevada, LLC., is planning a special graduation ceremony for the first group of employee trainees during Hawthorne’s Armed Forces Day celebration the 17th of May, 2014.

For more information regarding this company you may contact Ms. Shelley Hartmann at Mineral County Economic Development Authority a partner in Highway 95 RDA at 775-945-5896.

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